We're changing the way people work for the better by helping companies work remotely. We help companies create and nurture remote teams; the mindset required, the tools to use and the principles to follow.

We're also creating our own products and crafting truly digital services.

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We've triggered cultural change across organisations and helped companies embed remote and digital working practices to transform ways of working. This provides companies with a competitive advantage with access to better talent, a more diverse workforce, more space, higher productivity, and happier people.

Remote Working

We can help you create a successful remote working organisation. Learn how to build and nurture a remote culture; the mindset required, the tools to use and the principles to follow.

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Surviving Digital Delivery

You’ve been seduced by the promise of ‘agile’ but you’re still not delivering your digital products fast enough. We have the expertise to help so that you can rapidly validate concepts and create minimum lovable products.

Product Strategy

We're creating our own digital products. We can support you with your product strategy, development, and adoption to help you deliver truly digital products & services at scale, in weeks, not years.


We're creating our own digital products aimed at solving problems to make life simpler, and more productive.

Our globally remote teams of UX designers and developers create delightful and easy end-to-end user experiences that lead to tangible, positive results. From research and jobs to be done, to designing and developing, our teams are motivated by getting things done.


Employee experience platform that makes it simpler for people to find the information and tools they need to do their jobs.

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Ready for Remote

Everything you need to help you get ready for remote working; Insights, tools, jobs, and workspaces, we’ve got it covered.

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Free provides an easier way to manage meeting rooms and hot desks from any device, providing better space utilisation.

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Ready for Remote

Our book Ready for Remote is our manifesto for the future of work. It tells the story of how we build and nurture remote teams; the tools we use and the principles we follow.

It's a story of freedom, purpose and productivity. In the book we openly offer up some best-practice advice for anyone thinking of building remote teams.

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There’s never been a more exciting time to shape the future of work. We explore this through our podcast Enlighten, where we interview some of the brightest minds and discuss a range of topics.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Soundcloud.

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