We create products and services aimed at disrupting traditional industries and help companies transform ways of working. Using human-centered design, we create amazing experiences for people within organisations by integrating new & legacy work applications into a single user interface.

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Technology has not only changed the way we work, it's levelled the competitive landscape, allowing smaller companies to compete with the large incumbents. To get ready for the future you need to look beyond what is happening now. We can help you create a strategy to do this.


New ways of working
(specialising in remote working)


Digital product development
Product adoption

User-centric Design

We can help you design and integrate your work applications into one user interface, resulting in a frictionless and beautiful user experience.

Products & Insights

Our products are created to make your life simpler, and more productive. They are based on employee, proximity and location data we gather to enable our customers to create more effective and efficient workforces.


'Where can I work today?'.
Room booking & hot desking

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'How busy is ...?'.
Our app tells you

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Our podcast exploring the future of work
Featuring Gary Walker & Matt Goddard

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How we work

We believe in remote working, it gives us access to the best talent, anywhere in the world. We're not restricted to hiring people near an office and we don't need to worry about timezones.

Our team is full of talented people, with low egos, motivated by our mission and passionate about getting things done. Our principles are built upon trust, clarity and transparency. Our team show what they've done and show it often.

Work from Anywhere

Happy employees are more productive - Whether it's working from home or another country, remote enabled employees are happier, healthier and more productive. This is better for your business.

We've created a culture to enable people to do the best work of their lives. It may sound corny, but our people believe in our mission 'To make people's lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.'

Autonomy is key, but only with high alignment - Our leaders focus on what to solve, but our people figure out how.

Trust, Clarity & Transparency

We set the bar high and never compromise. We look for people who are smart, with low egos and motivated by getting things done.

Our rules are you need to communicate early and often - If in doubt go voice, even better go video. When you stop focusing on who you see in an office, you focus on the output people deliver.

We provide people with the right tools to enable them to do their job. Our robust and fast delivery approach ensures we deliver rich digital experiences by testing and enhancing them, learning where to invest.

Become delivery focused

Our guiding principles enable us to create a great environment for our team to produce great work.

To deliver our people focus on;

Define delivery outcomes based upon the job to be done.
Focus on the task to completion.
Are autonomous to deliver
Deploy working products to a live environment at the end of every feature release.

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