We're changing the way people work for the better by helping companies work remotely.

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We've helped organisations transform their ways of working by embedding remote and modern work practices, and increasing the adoption of digital tools. Thereby improving communication, productivity, wellbeing and work flexibility

Remote & Modern Work Consultancy

We launched Ready for Remote to help you create successful remote working teams. Learn how to build and nurture a remote working culture; the mindset required, the tools to use and the principles to follow.

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Digital Tools

With thousands of new products being released every year, how do you know what tools your teams need? Through our expertise we can propose a toolkit and adoption strategy based on your unique needs and culture.

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We're create our own digital products aimed at solving problems to make life simpler, and more productive.


Employee experience platform that makes it simpler for people to find the information and tools they need to do their jobs.

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Ready for Remote

Everything you need to help you get ready for remote working; consultancy, insights, toolkit, we’ve got it covered.

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Ready for Remote

Our book Ready for Remote is our manifesto for the future of work. It tells the story of how we build and nurture remote teams; the tools we use and the principles we follow.

It's a story of freedom, purpose and productivity. In the book we openly offer up some best-practice advice for anyone thinking of building remote teams.

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