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You've done the research, you're convinced remote working is a good idea but you're not sure how to get started. We can help you dispel the myths, convince the doubters and become successful remote workers.

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Why Remote?

When you first start looking into remote working it’s easy to get caught up in, or turned off by, the evangelical zeal that accompanies the topic. So, why remote? Better talent, greater diversity, higher productivity, more space, and happy employees.

Learn how to build and nurture remote teams; the mindset required, the tools to use, the adoption strategies, and the principles and rituals to follow.

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Ready for Remote Platform

Everything you need to help you get ready for remote working; Insights, tools, jobs, and workspaces, we’ve got it covered.

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Tools & Connectivity

The power of communication and collaboration tools is critical. When used team- and organisation-wide, it is key for facilitating your principles.


Mindset is everything. Understanding and embedding the 'assume remote' mindset, rituals, and digital work practices are paramount to succeeding.


Ready for Remote

Our book Ready for Remote is our manifesto for the future of work. It tells the story of how we build and nurture remote teams; the tools we use and the principles we follow.

It's a story of freedom, purpose and productivity. In the book we openly offer up some best-practice advice for anyone thinking of building remote teams.

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